How To Apply For The MBLEx Application

After graduating from massage therapy school the MBLEx exam application process is one of the first things a massage therapy student must do after successfully completing massage therapy school. This is the exam massage therapy graduates must take & pass before they can obtain their state massage therapy license. First off all exam candidates must read and agree with all the policies that’s contained in the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination Candidate Handbook.  After reading the MBLEx exam handbook, all candidates can either go to the FSMTB website and electronically fill out an exam application or print off a paper application to fill out and return by mail.

MBLEx Applications In English & Spanish

Applications are available in English as well as in Spanish. After filling out the exam application, allow up to five days for the FSMTB to process your application. You will then receive an email notification that authorizes you to test. You must then schedule your exam date, time and location by phone or online with the Pearson VUE network.  After scheduling your exam you will receive a confirmation number by email.

Study Before Taking The MBLEx?

You will then have 90 days to take the exam after receiving authorization to test. We advise all exam candidates to properly plan for this exam and not to rush into it but at the same time don’t let the 90 day time frame lapse either. Proper preparation and scheduling for the MBLEx is vital in getting started as a licensed massage therapist and having a career as a massage professional.

If you need to check the status of your application or have any questions about the MBLEx process, get in touch with the (FSMTB) Federation Of State Massage Therapy Boards. You can email them at [email protected]. We hope this will help you in the MBLEx application process in taking your MBLEx certification exam.

The MBLEx application process step by step:

mblex_process-1 How To Apply For The MBLEx Application

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