Top Reasons Massage Graduates Can’t Pass The MBLEx Certification Exam

MBLEx Cerfication exam

Passing the MBLEx massage therapy certification exam can be a very challenging and overwhelming task for many massage therapy students to accomplish. Back before 2005 the only thing required to obtain a massage therapy license was to graduate from a massage therapy school and meet the states required number of massage school hours. While there was some states where massage therapy school was not even required , most states required a minimum of 500 hours to gain a massage license but that has since for the most part changed.

Before 2005 and after years of talks of more oversight and better regulations for public safety and protection, regulators and educators formed the Federation Of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) and the MBLEx exam was born. Upon it’s first debut many if not a good majority of massage graduates could not pass the MBLEx exam. I remember the FSMTB made the conscious decision to make the test more “test friendly”, for lack of a better term. But they’re were those that still couldn’t pass the exam and there are still those today that have difficulty passing the state board exam. Some people prepare very well, study hard and come exam day come up short. They are just not good test takers or for whatever reason don’t test well. While others on the other hand only themselves to blame.

Passing The MBLEx Exam On First Try

Some of the reasons are they put it off, wait, or procrastinate thinking they will have more time to study but the more time they wait the more information they forget. Not having a study plan is another reason why many students fail their exam. Some people don’t take the time to even study or study very little and think they can wing on test day. That has proven for most part not work. You have to create a study plan, execute the paln and stick with it. While there are others that do study but simply have a bad study program and study the wrong material. Many graduate students study for weeks but are studying information that for the most part is not even on the exam.

There are many MBLEx study books, flashcards, study guides out there that have proven not to prepare you for exam day. You have to be very careful and selective about what exam prep guide you use. It could prove to be a huge waste of time and money. Lastly, the night before jitters or the day of anxieties can get the best of some. It’s very important to do a practice exam day, or role play by getting up in the morning pretending it’s test day and do several simulated exams to prepare.

Simulated Exam Questions & Answers

Finally get a good nights sleep the night before, the last thing you want is to be anxious, stressed out and tired. That’s a bad combination to be in when you’re trying to remember what you have studied and learned in massage therapy school. For a positive outcome you have to maintain a positive mindset, prepare, study the right material and be confident and physically rested. If you do all these things you should do very well and pass your MBLEx exam.

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