Top Strategies To Help Graduates Pass The MBLEx

Like any other examinations out there, students who just graduated in the field of massage therapy must take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination or commonly called as MBLEx exam in order for them to become licensed massage therapist. However, lots of massage graduates are frightened to face the test and experience the same kind of feeling whenever they encounter high-level kind of exam such as the MBLEx. In order for you to pass the MBLEx exam with confidence, we run through the proven top strategies that will truly help you. Here they are:

Have Your Own Study Plan

You need to create your own study plan that will serve as your guide on what day you have to study. It is estimated that in order for you have enough knowledge and freshen up your mind with the information, most graduates need to prep at least three months prior to taking the exam. That includes putting time aside everyday studying for three months. We have found that most students when studying the right information regardless of how long they’ve been out of massage school or what their situation is, have success passing the exam. We also realize some graduates need less time while others need more.

The MBLEx Online Exam

The MBLEx online exam requires you to achieve an average of at least 630 out of 900 grade in order to pass the exam and prove your competency. This score will effectively indicate your excellence for the coming examination. The MBLEx will test your competency by mixing up what may see to be harder questions with others that seem easier. This exam is the final hurdle determining if you are able to get licensed and practice the massage profession.

Know Your Testing Center Experience

All your preparations will mean nothing if you are not prepared and do the simple things well as you arrive at your testing center, such as you arriving late or you don’t have the proper ID. You have to prepare for the coming test day. Get a good nights sleep the night before. Have a trial run before the actual test day, this is very important.  Know where to go and be there on time. Bring the required two forms of ID. Breathe and settle in. Go to the bathroom right before the test begins. And of course, visualize a score higher than 630 and have confidence you will pass the exam.

Take Longer Tests

Build your examination-taking stamina if you want to pass the MBLEx. Look for websites that offer MBLEx simulation practice exams and take 100 questions every week. You can even print the quizzes and reconstruct the questions you answered wrong. Practice also the multiple choice questions that are written in the same format like the MBLEx and create your own questions. This will help you understand your exam-taking habits and then build a test-taking muscle memory. Even the smallest of your hard work will garner a reward at the end.

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